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Spoiler Naruto Manga 448

Este es el Spoiler de Naruto 448 en inglés.

Nagato:- He fell on that day, by my hand and his own will. I realized my answer meant nothing in the face of hatred. We tried to do things the right way but in the end the love we felt for each-other was our biggest weakness.
Bonds create openings that we could never defend. Yahiko was really a genius Ninja and leader but in the end he was killed for nothing. On that day the rain ended. On that day I awakened. I was no longer Nagato, I was pain.

Naruto: -What happened?

Nagato: - As Pain I vowed in my soul never to let anyone stop me ever again. I would protect Konan and this world and put a stop to the hatred that was the source of mine and everybody’s pain. I was weak before, but Yahiko gave me something in his death…..

“Nagato looks as though the memory is immensely painful”

Nagato: - He gave me my first path.

“Naruto flinches by the cold words”

Naruto: - What?
Nagato: - With Yahiko gone my source of strength and protection was gone. He was my determination, he was my guideline. All that was left was nothingness and despair. His words ringed in my head. “I’m going to become a god of this world” As I felt his last heartbeat echo through the ground that despair turned into silence. As his heart went still, so did my mind. I didn’t hate them for what they had done, but I pitied them. So small in mind but still so powerful. If they were not going to use their powers to end the pains of their people, I would. I couldn’t understand their unwillingness to see the pain of others. I deemed them unworthy of the leadership. I would carry Yahikos dreams. I would become a god and a saviour of this world.
Naruto: - A god?
Nagato: - Yes. I would renounce my cares, my love, my will and body to the pursuit of that dream.

“Yahikos smile flashes before Nagatos mind”

Nagato: - At that day I willed Yahiko back to the battlefield. My first path and me overwhelmed the forces of Hanzo. As the rain stopped Yahiko was on his feet and pulled Hanzo towards us and before they could react Yahiko had sliced Hanzos arm, freeing Konan. Once Konan was free we released our full might upon them.

“Images of the battle, Yahiko and Nagato killing and fighting”

Nagato: - In the end of the fierce battle all was dead or had fled the immediate battle. Hanzo was badly injured and Danzo had taken to retreat. A great ninja in his own regard he was no match for Hanzo and as even he was loosing Danzo simply abandoned him. As the rest of my comrades laid on the ground around me I was going to end Hanzo but he set a trap for me and got away. My awakening had put me in a trance just like before. After the battle I came out of that trance, but something was different. I still recalled everything, not like before. And I saw things more clearly. My determination was strong and I knew what I had to do. Renouncing all my previous notions I came up with a new answer. I was going to form an organization, not to save the Rain country anymore, but to save the world. To do this all that stood in our way was going to have to be destroyed. Hanzo was first. But killing him would not be enough. I knew this all to well. I had to erase him or the circle of hatred would never end with him. Someone would hate me and try to take revenge.

“Naruto is listening intently and sweating a little”

Naruto: - What did you do?
Nagato: - As I said. I erased him. I killed him, his parents, his family…everyone!

“Nagatos eyes looks crazy as he say the last words”

Nagato: - After that I took control of the Rain country and later formed Akatsuki. Taking control was no problem. The people loved me for freeing them of Hanzo. I protected them.

“Nagato hesitates and looks at Naruto”

Nagato: - You know the rest, Akatsuki’s goals I told you before. So?…Knowing the truth, our story. Do you hate us? What is your answer?

“Naruto looks at Konan and then Nagato again”

Naruto: - And the chair?

Nagato looks a little surprised at Narutos stalling”

Nagato: - Hanzo was no easy opponent. And his poison is not to be underestimated. He took my legs, and somewhat my health……But just as I vowed that doesn’t matter, my body and soul for the promise I made.

Naruto: - I have one more question.
Nagato: - Yes?
Naruto: - The masked man in Akatsuki…..When did he join?

“Nagato is taken back by this statement”

Nagato: - What?….How do you know about him? Why do you ask?
Naruto: - I know one thing about him. He is using you and Akatsuki.

“Nagato is surprised yet again and goes suspicious”

Nagato: - Know this? How could you? Fine! I will tell you about this masked man, only if your answer is worthy.
Konan: - Nagato!
Nagato: - Konan, please. Trust me, this child does not have any answer! Although I wish he did. His role is just that of a weapon for Akatsuki to use….
Well? Do you have an answer Naruto?

“Naruto’s eyes turn into normal sage again and he looks down.”

Naruto: - My answer……In the face of my masters killers. In the presence of hate….

“Naruto looks up again. He stands tall, his eyes filled with determination”

I have an answer for you, for everyone.

“Nagato ’s eyes turn big as he see in the light from outside shining in upon Naruto the familiar presence of Yahiko’s determination in Naruto.”

The determination is final!

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Anonymous 14 de mayo de 2009, 13:43  

como deminios se les ocurre colocar somewhere i belong en esa forma; ptm el q lo haya puesto q se considere muerto

Anonymous 19 de mayo de 2009, 6:27  

Si entienden ingles, entocnes pork no lo traducen!!! si sernaaan

Anonymous 20 de mayo de 2009, 7:06  

bueno les voy a traducir : pain le dice a naruto quiero hacerte mio y naruto le dice yo amo es a sasuke pain no lo entiendes ...! pain: pero que demonios si te dejo por un viejo se fue con orochimaru ..naruto: que dices ahora te matare..pain: jajaja te dejo por un viejo y ahora esta con dos jovenes mas hacen trio por las noches si siiii eso te duele no naruto fin esperen el manga 450

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